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Alain Helfgott: 06805 9117-13 info@jmf-online.de


Cellar expansion project in Hofheim, Germany

Your house does not have a cellar?

We we build a wine cellar for you
weather you are constructing a new building or want to have it installed
in a existing one.

The spiral-shaped wine cellar can be integrated into a house which does not have a cellar. The spiral-shaped wine cellar is essentially just a long cylinder with a spiral staircase with walls which are used for storing wine.
The wine cellar is built under the floor in kitchens, garages or conservatories, for example, and can be accessed from above and closed with a door in the floor.

Large storage capacity:
Between 600 - 3000 bottles depending
on the model...

The spiral wine cellar for every house...

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